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Cost-effective surface disinfection using UVC LED

UVC LED Technology

Our robot uses UVC LED technology to disinfect surfaces by destroying COVID-19’s and other micro-organisms’ ability to replicate by altering their DNA and RNA.

Contrary to other products in the market which use low/high-compact mercury lights that have a peak wavelength of 254 nm, our UVC LEDs are configured to transmit between 260 and 265 nm, which is the ideal peak range for the most effective wavelength to destroy bacteria and viruses.

UVC LED has a longer life cycle given the short-term operation and functional nature of robots. It significantly lowers costs associated with down-time and maintenance, and increases operating times and the product’s life.

Smart Robotics

Integrating with IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and
Machine Learning

IoT and Cloud Technology

AgileDisinfect is connected to the cloud and IoT. With its image technology, it can then collect data which can become relevant information to the business.

Emotion-Recognition Technology

We have partnered with a leading technology vendor to equip our robot with a feature to help businesses detect customer and staff emotions,while ensuring their privacy. With voice-recognition technology, our robot is also able to collect customer feedback and conduct surveys.


UVC LED is highly effective to kill micro-organisms
Including COVID-19. However, it is rendered unsafe for direct exposure to humans and animals.
Uses sensor technology to detect motion and the presence of humans and pets in the room
while it is in disinfecting mode.Once such detection occurs it immediately aborts the disinfecting processuntil it is safe to resume.
Equipped with extra safety features
like a mechanical circuit breakerfor emergency cases.

Autonomous Technology

Maximizing disinfection by minimizing shadow areas

Its ability to navigate and move from position to another it increases surfaces’ UVC exposure and minimizes shadow areas, to ensure thorough disinfection in rooms.

Contact-less Service

AgileDisinfect is designed to enable contact-less service. It is equipped with compartments or trays to deliver items. The maximum payload it can carry is around 25Kg (55 lbs.), enabling it to deliver Food, medicine,laundry, documents and other relevant items to staff and customers.

Lower Risks and Overhead Costs

Autonomy also decreases the business’s overhead costs, as minimal supervision of human operators is required for our robot to operate. This also reduces risks related to staff safety during the disinfecting process.

User friendly

AgileDisinfect is equipped with a touch screen and uses a user friendlyinterface that runs on an Android OS.It can be accessed remotely using other smart devices by staff, andintegrated with in-house applications.

Fighting COVID-19 With Smart Robotics

Meet the team!

The team behind the innovative technologies of AgileDisinfect
Farah Charafeddine
Co-Founder, CEO

Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, AUB-Lebanon. Executive MBA, ESMT Berlin-Germany.

Mouin El-Khechen
Co-Founder, COO

Business Management, Haigazian University- Lebanon. Executive MBA, ESMT Berline - Germany.

Liwaa Naim
Mechanical Engineer
Rawad Haidar
Computer Communications Engineer

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